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Thank you for visiting the website of Stars' Eye Clinic. Located in Tameike Sanno, our clinic has many very busy businesspersons who visit for treatment.

Since opening the clinic in 2003, we have strived to enhance our equipment and services. Now, we provide day surgeries for diseases such as cataracts. We also provide cosmetic treatment of blepharoptosia, eyelids, peripheral areas of the eyes in cooperation with a plastic surgery specialist. Additionally, we actively make house calls.

Many businesspersons are reluctant or unable to visit a clinic or hospital even when they have problems with their eyes because they are very busy and have little time. Many do not visit clinics until their conditions have already advanced to a substantial degree. Many persons are found to have a disease like glaucoma when they have a complete medical checkup or a periodic inspection of the contact lens.

We encourage awareness of the close cooperation of physicians and medical staff, adequate communication with other healthcare providers, and greater interest in medical care in daily living. We will make further efforts to provide safe, reliable medical care that meets the needs of clinic visitors through quick response and proper examination.

We thank you and welcome you to our clinic.